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Established in 2014, PATISART gathers various small regional French manufacturers of high-quality frozen pastry products.

Bringing together an outstanding range of local products, we want to give access to foodservice professionals around the world, to these jewels of the French gastronomy tradition.

Drawn from the heart of French regions, our products are elaborated by pastry chefs, using a know-how and passion for excellence transmitted from generation to generation. Made according to traditional recipes, mainly by hand, using the finest selected ingredients, in real pastry laboratories.

Push the door of this gastronomic world and let all your senses travel among our chocolate éclairs, Kouign Amann, brioches French toast, clafoutis and other premium treats… you fell that thrill? Welcome to a true French patisserie.

Paris Frozen Dessert
  • Alliance Chocolate & Apricot
  • Paris, crossroads of French know-how, where you can enjoy a gourmet dessert in a palace, a cafe gourmand on a small alley of Montmarte, a brewery dessert in Latin Quarter, a sweet breakfast on the Seine…
    Do you feel this aroma of sweet romance ?

    Find a variety of desserts prepared by pastry chefs who have worked in prestigious Parisian establishments. A high quality range from table desserts to cakes for breakfast, through classics like tart Tatin.

    Tart Tatin with Apricots

    Alliance Chocolate & Apricot

    Fig Shortbread

    Brioche French Toast

Aquitaine French Frozen Pastry
  • Chocolate Eclair
  • You push the door of a bakery in a small village, attracted by the smell of warm bread. And there, your gaze rests on its shiny fondant icing, on its blown and crunchy shell hiding a creamy heart… You already know it: You will succumb!

    Choux pastry has been part of French gastronomy since the 16th century. With popular individual pastries like Eclairs and Paris Brest, we find them in any bakery in France. PATISART pastries are made according to a unique know-how which ensures a perfect quality and an incomparable taste throughout the day.

    Coffee Religieuse

    Chocolate Eclair

    Paris Brest


Bretagne French Frozen Pastry
  • Individual Kouign Amann
  • Feet on the ground, looking towards the sea, Brittany hides sweet treasures… One of them has been famous for 150 years: the Kouign Amann. Its name comes from the Breton language: cake (Kouign) and butter (Amann). It is made with bread dough containing layers of butter and sugar. It has recently conquered New York and Hong Kong… And it is still waiting to delight your palate!

    A large range of various sizes: family, individual and minis. Derived from the recipe of the Kouign Amann, discover the new puff pastry CARA ©, a caramelised and crispy dough to create your tarts with a unique taste and texture.

    Thin crust Apple Tart

    Individual Kouign Amann

    Minis Kouign Amann

    Individual Crunchy Apple

Languedoc French Frozen Pastry
  • Mini Clafoutis Cherries
  • A land rooted in a generous ground, where tree nuts bloom in abundance, plum and cherry trees burst with the sunshine, to give birth to the best ingredients used in traditional cake recipes.

    Plums Clafoutis

    Extra dark chocolate fondant

    Hazelnuts Mellow Cake

    Minis (clafoutis, mellow, tatin)